• Engineering Service

TiPlas owns a team of professional & experienced mold engieers. They are fimilar with exporting Mold Standards(e.g. DME/Hasco) & use advanced softerwares(Pro/E/SolidWorks/Unigraphics NX7.0) to transfer your CAD model into the tooling layout & to program into the machining via UG. They also supply professional MoldFlow analysis to gurantee the tooling building in high quality. Moreover, the project engineers strictly comply with the clients’ request to assure the quality & the delivery.

  • Prototype Service

TiPlas supplies the high class prototype & shows the perfect appearance,structure,function and assembly on the basis of our constantly pursuing service concept. We serve the clients with the reasonable price & best after-sales service.

  • New Mold/Mould/Tooling Builds

TiPlas is a professional supplier of injection mold for plastics & rubbers/die casting mold. We own the high technical employee & have many years ofexproting experience. In our Tooling Department, there are high speed CNC, high precise wire/cutting equipments & EDM machines. The Coordinate Measuring Machine also ensures our high quality service. TiPlas is capable of desining & building large/medium size,high precise/complex injection molds & die casting molds. 80% of molds we made for Europe, Noth American, Asian and other countries.

  • Injection Molding

Under the good production environment, whole set of production equipments, complete management system and high qualified staff, TiPlas is capable of supplying injection molding special engineering plastics,e.g. PEEK,PPS,PES,PPA,PPO,etc. Currently,we have injection molding machines(85-250T) to ensure the different requests of  molded parts. TiPlas will adhere to the aim of Good Quality, High Credibility, Customer First, Service First & strive to assure the customer satisfaction.

  • Repair Service

With the ever-changing world of just-in-time molding, we have altered the way we do business to help you keep within your time constraints, by offering around the clock service to keep you producing parts. From engineering changes to preventive maintenance to quick turnaround repairs, we are here to meet your needs – 24 hours a day.

  • Contract Machining

TiPlas supplies the contract machining for medium/small parts/tools(lathing,milling,grinding,CNC,EDM) & also precision tools.