Tooling Department

TiPlas has the skills and the resources to engineer and build any type of mold; from complex dimensional work to 3D contour parts; from single cavity to multi-cavity molds with manifolds. We have built molds with slides, lifters, stripper plates,unscrewing mechanisms and hydraulic core pulls.

Our skilled engineers and in-house tooling facilities use state of the art injection mold making equipment and technology, with capabilities to build up to 5 ton class molds. And, also using the latest CAD technology and software, TiPlas mold designers and engineers create robust mold designs for plastic injection molded parts, following a detailed checklist to ensure design for manufacturability.

Injection Molding Department

TiPlas is equipped with plastic injection molding machines from 86T-360T. Robotic arms are also employed to automate the process and improve processing stability and molding quality. We select the appropriate molding process depending on the specifications of the plastic components. TiPlas applies the latest scientific injection molding technology, coupled with the experience of our high trained team and innovative engineering, to ensure optimal plastic injection molding process control, repeatability and part quality for plastic injection molded parts

Qulity Control Department

TiPlas owns advanced precision equipments & serious and responsible staffs in-house to ensure optimal plastic injection molding process control & plastic injection molded parts strcikly within the tolerance.

Equipment List
NOEquip.No.Equip. NameModelSpecificationBrand/ManufacturersRemarks
1TM-MM-001EDM MachineA30300* 210* 270 ±0.005MIRRORDICK
2TM-MM-002EDM Machine750B700* 500* 350 ±0.01BEST
3TM-MM-003EDM Machine450B450* 350* 250 ±0.01BEST3 sets
4TM-MM-004EDM Machine750B450* 350* 250 ±0.01TopEDM
5TM-MM-005EDM Machine450B450* 350* 250 ±0.01TopEDM2 sets
6TM-MM-006CNC Machine2015L2300* 1450* 800 6000r/m ±0.01DINGTAI
7TM-MM-007CNC Machine13701300* 700* 700 8000r/m ±0.01HUAQUN
8TM-MM-008CNC Machine11601100* 600* 650 12000r/m ±0.005BAOLING
9TM-MM-009CNC Machine DXV10201020* 520* 650 15000r/m ±0.003YEONG CHIN
10TM-MM-010CNC Machine850800* 500* 500 8000r/m ±0.015DINGTAI
11TM-MM-011CNC Machine850800* 500* 500 8000r/m ±0.015JOINT
12TM-MM-012CNC Machine850800* 500* 500 8000r/m ±0.015PIONEER
13TM-MM-013CNC Machine650600* 500* 250 24000r/m ±0.01PIONEER
14TM-MM-014CNC Machine650600* 500* 250 24000r/m ±0.01HONGJINSHUN
15TM-MM-015Drilling MachineZ3050RZ=350JIAYE
16TM-MM-016Surface Grinding MachineKGS-618M475* 180* 395 ±0.003KENT4 sets
17TM-MM-017LatheC6132A /C6140AC6132A/ C6140ANANFANG
18TM-MM-018Milling Machine4E900* 395* 340JOINT5 sets
19TM-MM-019Auto-Tapping MachineM24M24CHINA
20TM-MM-020CMMCroma686600* 800* 600Hexagon Metrology AB

Injection Machine List
NOEquip.No.Equip. NameModelTie Bar Distance (mm)Brand/ManufacturersRemarks
1TM-IM-001Injection Molding MachineMA900/260A360* 360Ningbo HaiTian86T
2TM-IM-002Injection Molding MachineMA1600/540A455* 455Ningbo HaiTian160T
3TM-IM-003Injection Molding MachineMA2000/700A570* 570Ningbo HaiTian250T
4TM-IM-004Injection Molding MachineMA3000/1350A710* 710Ningbo HaiTian360T